The AIMS of the contest are:

1 To promote the values of Rotary that emphasize ethics and values in life.
2 To develop the confidence and self-esteem in students.
3 To develop relationships between Rotary and primary schools.
4 To provide an opportunity for students to test their speaking skills before an audience.
5 To encourage and foster excellence in the art of public speaking.


The Rotary Four Way Test speaking contest is not debating, elocution or acting. It is not a history lesson or research paper, so students should not be penalized for incorrect facts or data if deemed so by a member of the audience. The contest is concerned with the student’s effective use of language to convey a message or a point of view to an interested audience.

Choice of words, intonation, articulation, pace and pausing are important to convey the message in a speech. Anything that hinders the transmission of meaning or diverts attention from the student’s presentation should be avoided. This includes unnecessary and inappropriate gestures, affected pronunciation, overuse of dramatics, unnecessary movements, irrelevant humour and mannerisms.

There is no requirement for speakers to specifically enumerate the values of Rotary. This is the choice and style of the speaker. What is important is the selected values are woven and incorporated into the speech, so the audience is left in no doubt as to the importance of Rotary values in all that people think, say and do throughout their lives. The selected values should be clear and integrated skilfully into the speech.

There is no need for students to introduce themselves or their topic as this is done by the Master of Ceremonies. It reduces the time the speaker has and detracts from an impactful opening.

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